Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some of the Things I Do

Here are some collages and photographs from a show last spring. I hope to show more work during April at a local cafe-brewery and music hall.

These images reflect what I see during the day-to-day here in Central PA. I also included a bit of the Maine coast.

For now, the photos look best enlarged when using Safari as your browser. I don't know why. With Firefox, they either stay small when clicked on, or poof up with horizontal lines. Someone who viewed them in Safari said they looked fine to him. I will figure this out and fix it. But for now...

Winter Trees I

Winter Trees II


Green Window Light

Velvet Black

Mountain Goat

Running Dog

Drakes Beach Fire

Moonlit Beach Cairns

Ogunquit Cliff House

Windy Sign at the Dead End

Barn, Tumbling

The rest of these pictures are collages made from painted papers, found papers, handmade papers and sand. Really, anything goes. I choose the frames carefully and consider them part of the work. These are one-of-a-kind, handmade objects.

Sleep Fields

Have Rabbit, Will Travel

Doing 90

Nowhere Yet

Spanish Moss

Flooded Park

Forest Home

Angel Dog