Thursday, July 15, 2010

checking in

No trouble with picture-clicking now (see previous post). Firefox works fine.

Firefox. Foxfire. Foxfire was (is) a good movie. Made for a younger audience, I suspect, but it still has a place in my semi-grown up heart. I wish it had come out in the 70s when I could have used a hero/role model. My guy friends had their muscle guitarists and Dennis Hopper. But I don't recall a One fit for girls. Does anyone besides a handful of viewers even know Angelina Jolie played a huge role in this movie? Another of the actors has achieved fame now as well, as both an actor and director. I'm sorry sir, I'm not remembering your name in my half-asleep state. But you play a fine doctor and vampire in that current series.

I'm going to tell a story. No more PR for awhile! But I must confess, "about to begin" probably means something a little different in my world. Hopefully I'll begin tomorrow. Ditto for "tomorrow."