Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I Do

As I said in July, or implied, it's time to pull aside the curtain and share.

At first glance, someone looking at my (unwritten) resume, might think I've jumped around quite a bit. But truly, a thread has been running through all of it. I'm going to write a quick summary--basically, throw down some seeds.

Or, bare bones--if that works better for you.

Don't know which ones will sprout first. Or--for you carnivores--which will first put on flesh. But the plan is this: bit by bit, the skinny description will grow. I'll post some of my writing--novel excerpts, short stories, and if I get really gutsy, poetry. I'll post more photography, collage and painting. Also, some images of my garden design. Links to scientific articles I wrote in graduate school (the 1st time, in microbial ecology). And various other projects I've worked on.

All of this in sporadic fits and bursts. Over time, they'll form a picture of what I do.